14th Annual Knight Cup at Links At Dardenne

Team scores

Team scores: 1. Liberty, 4 (won playoff); 2. Timberland, 4; 3. Francis Howell, 3; 4. Holt, 2.5; 5. (tie) Fort Zumwalt South; and Troy Buchanan, 2; 7. Fort Zumwalt West, 1.5; 8. Francis Howell North, 1
Match play
Sophia Welch, Zumwalt South, def. Alexandra Cosman, Howell Central, 8 and 7
Kelly Karre, Liberty, def. Lizzie Ostrem, Zumwalt West, 6 and 4
Isabel Holland, Troy, def. Leah Heischmidt, Howell North, 4 and 3
Kylee Hormuth, Howell, def. Viv Boix, Holt, 5 and 4
Gabby Rettinghaus, Timberland, def. Faith Wolf, Zumealt East, 9 and 8
Alex Hiebert, Holt, def. Carley Meyer, Troy, 3 and 1
Kyndall Stubblefield, Liberty, def. Anna Mori, Howell Central, 9 and 8
Lauren Meindl, Timberland, def. Chloe Perkins, Howell North, 9 and 8
Hannah Inchiostro, Howell, def. Ryen Tindall, Zumwalt West, 6 and 5
Maggie Morrison, Zumwalt South, def. Bri Kobe, Zumwalt East, 9 and 7
Sammi Rodgers, Howell, def. Mackenzie Gilbert, Howell Central, 9 and 7
Julia Boessen, Troy, def. Minnie Adams, Howell North, 5 and 3
Grace Pickering, Liberty, def. Chloe Easterlin, Zumwalt East, 7 and 5
Lucy Porzenski, Timberland, def. Haley Kaiser, Zumwalt South, 6 and 4
Cheing Hei Christen, Zumwalt West, halved with Katie Waple, Holt
Chloe Thiel, Timberland, def. Sophia Vaccaro, Troy, 5 and 4
Avery Bryson, Holt, def. Allison Paleen, Zumwalt east, 5 and 4
Madalyn Breckenridge, Liberty, def. Laine Derhake, Zumwalt South, 5 and 4
Emily Zhang, Howell North, def. Marissa Wortkoetter, Howell Central, 7 and 6
Lauren Arand, Zumwalt West, def. Ada Pipkins, Howell, 8 and 7