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St. Louis, MO 63141-8500
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Conference goalie statistics - overall
1Samuel Benoist, Priory6641220.857321271.831.46248.902
30Angelo Benoit, John Burroughs618491.321000654.733.79283.813
32Dalton Bruce, St. Mary's578750.583000685.294.24267.797
1Riley Clinton, MICDS384530.625000273.162.53182.871
29Mariano Colombo, Clayton783682.438110683.913.13347.836
39Clayton Davis, Northwest Cedar Hill8105112.333220653.612.89519.889
18Simon Duda, Northwest Cedar Hill135111.500000103.332.6745.818
31Eaton Gowan, Webster Groves529641.591220423.572.86185.815
29Tim Hufker, St. Mary's412351.389000505.464.37181.784
32Blake Lowry, Clayton147131.300000206.124.9096.828
31Drew Moseley, Lutheran South5711111.115000745.834.67297.801
33Zachary Pechman, Priory371710.87510191.09.87112.926
1Nicholas Sauter, Whitfield9456132.333110964.573.66506.841
1William Scheipeter, Webster Groves460470.364000323.132.50194.858
1Brianna Williams, Lutheran South284051.083000396.184.94171.814
31Jonathan Williams, MICDS6961240.750000372.391.91386.913
1Andrew Wunderlich, John Burroughs282051.083000436.865.49170.798
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Conference scoring statistics - overall
22Aiden Armstrong, Clayton20200
18Jesse Au, Priory3161900
20Gray Barnes, Whitfield481200
71Thomas Barnes, Clayton9182701
17Eli Baumstark, Clayton26800
91Walt Baumstark, Clayton53810
17Benjamin Beier, Lutheran South43700
20Bradley Beier, Lutheran South33600
16Samuel Bennett, John Burroughs32500
1Samuel Benoist, Priory01100
88Anthony Berni, Priory41266734
8Brandon Berri, Whitfield7121910
16Blake Boatright, Priory6121800
13Logan Boatright, Priory21183942
15Kyle Brennan, Priory691510
21Bailey Broadhead, Webster Groves23500
6Caden Broadhead, Webster Groves2111300
12Anson Brown, John Burroughs641000
14Graham Brown, John Burroughs13400
90Ryan Bruegger, Northwest Cedar Hill31400
16Justin Budrovich, Lutheran South551010
8Justin Bunch, Northwest Cedar Hill05500
Patrick Carr, Priory32510
18Jack Chereskin, Clayton53820
52Daniel Cohen, Clayton43700
20Angelo Colombo, Clayton1531812
23Andrew Condie, MICDS281000
10Matthew Cowley, MICDS13112421
15Eric Dalton, Whitfield45910
6Charles Danforth, MICDS11112201
97Will Dewitt, John Burroughs71820
12Sean Dolan, Priory2101210
24Benjamin Dubinsky, John Burroughs01100
17Sean Duda, Northwest Cedar Hill30300
18Simon Duda, Northwest Cedar Hill15610
7Teddy Dunaway, John Burroughs03300
26Jake Early, Clayton31400
28Hugo Engelhardt, MICDS551040
27Christopher Friemel, Priory10152510
39Oliver Gaffney, Clayton33610
33Alac Gamble, Northwest Cedar Hill661220
24Evan Gatch, MICDS02200
11William Giles, MICDS08800
16Jack Goddard, Whitfield15112610
49Logan Gott, Northwest Cedar Hill961500
19Samer Hajji, MICDS14500
22John Hall, MICDS24600
17Jonas Hart, MICDS22400
6Braden Harwell, Lutheran South671300
9James Hereford, MICDS10100
11Carson Heskett, Lutheran South10100
18Grant Hoffman, St. Mary's15600
5Jack Hollocher, Clayton03300
9Kurt Hufker, St. Mary's11200
4Samuel Humphreys, Clayton03300
20James Johnson, John Burroughs661200
7Robert Johnson, Northwest Cedar Hill02200
17Joshua Kazlauskas, Webster Groves961522
Kyle Kelley, Lutheran South651100
22Spencer Kovacs, Northwest Cedar Hill34700
6Jake Kram, St. Mary's1161711
9Dominic Kraus, Priory1782530
5Reilly Kremer, St. Mary's25700
14Elijah Kruse, Northwest Cedar Hill25700
12Austin Kuhn, St. Mary's33600
2Benjamin Kurkowski, St. Mary's10100
18Casey Lang, Webster Groves11200
11Brenden Lankau, Webster Groves391200
5Samuel Lato, Northwest Cedar Hill41510
55Jacob Lefton, MICDS28164445
3Ryan Lindsey, Northwest Cedar Hill1382101
13James Long, John Burroughs40400
11Sawyer Lownsdale, Priory16173330
Jaxon Luraschi, Lutheran South12300
73Riley Macinnis, Whitfield43700
9Joshua Magare, John Burroughs11200
30Tommaso Maiocco, MICDS1341721
55Nick Marcrander, Priory33600
23Andrew Masters, Webster Groves5121700
5Maxwell Masterson, Whitfield01100
5Sean McAtee, Priory5101500
77Collin McCarthy, Whitfield14510
7Timothy Meier, MICDS8172520
27Nicholas Mellanby, MICDS851330
20Dylan Minichiello, MICDS10100
93Jonathan Nathan, Whitfield5111600
14Joseph Neifert, Lutheran South22400
16Nicholas Niemann, MICDS01100
19Samuel Oar, Northwest Cedar Hill02200
20Theodore Henry Oar, Northwest Cedar Hill50500
7Michael Okeefe, Priory4111500
19Patrick Okeefe, Priory17800
7Ryan Oliver, Webster Groves7101720
15Tyler Ott, Webster Groves961510
7Michael Parks, St. Mary's38246245
45Jackson Perlut, Clayton04400
4Eddie Pinnock, Webster Groves23500
5Samuel Polk, MICDS20200
42Benjamin Reece, Northwest Cedar Hill24610
25Angel Reese, St. Mary's02200
26Christian Riley, Northwest Cedar Hill01100
3Nathan Riordan, Webster Groves15600
34Devon Roberts, St. Mary's661210
Grant Roberts, Lutheran South10100
8Ari Rossi, Webster Groves491310
25William Rourke, Priory8111920
39Samuel Rubenstein, Whitfield891700
33Eric Sauter, John Burroughs13400
47Sean Scanlon, Northwest Cedar Hill44800
27Charles Scheipeter, Webster Groves26103632
27Brady Schlereth, St. Mary's4141800
77Jake Schlereth, Northwest Cedar Hill1392221
Brandon Schmiemeier, Lutheran South10100
Jason Schnell, Lutheran South10100
Anthony Schulze, Lutheran South01100
21Vince Semar, St. Mary's42600
20Louis Shumate, Webster Groves06600
71Ari Singer, Whitfield551010
13Philip Stahl, Clayton72920
8Dylan Sullivan, St. Mary's10243421
15David Tamsky, Clayton15600
23Beckett Tasker, John Burroughs23500
44Harrison Thomas, MICDS05500
2John Walker, Priory25710
21Logan Wesolowski, Whitfield35810
16Mitchell Westbrock, Lutheran South391200
21Drew Whitener, Lutheran South01100
9Alexander Wiedemann, Webster Groves22410
12Jennifer Williams, MICDS18900
97Justin Williamson, MICDS21300
22Dameon Willis, St. Mary's951400
18Nicholas Wimmer, John Burroughs03300
17Casey Wingbermuehle, St. Mary's15163121
James Wood, Lutheran South01100
38Nicholas Yannakakis, Whitfield35800
4Zachary Zlepper, John Burroughs1161721
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