Girls Basketball Tournaments

11/14-11/1912th Columbia Tipoff Classic
11/14-11/19Du Quoin Tipoff
11/14-11/19Dupo Cat Classic
11/14-11/18Sparta Invitational
11/17-11/19Centralia Tournament
11/18-11/2628th Taylorville Holiday Tournament
11/18-11/19Alton Tipoff
11/18-11/22Litchfield Turkey Tournament
11/18-11/20Miller Career Tipoff Classic
11/18-11/26Pana Tournament
11/18-11/23Waverly Thanksgiving Tournament
11/19O'Fallon Shootout
11/19St. Paul Lutheran Shootout
11/21-11/26Nashville Thanksgiving Tournament
11/22-12/02Gerald Linneman Memorial Tipoff
11/25-11/26Morton Thanksgiving Tournament
11/25-11/26St. Joseph's Turkey Shootout
11/26-12/0333rd Valley Caledonia Tournament
11/26Metro-East Lutheran Shootout
11/26Vashon Holiday Turkey Hoopfest
11/28-12/03Eighth Fountain City Classic
11/28-12/03Fredericktown Tournament
11/28-12/02Lutheran St. Charles Tournament
11/28-12/02Marquette Tournament
11/28-12/03Montgomery County Invitational
11/28-12/02Principia Round Robin
11/28-12/02Southside Classic
11/28-12/02Winfield Tipoff Classic
11/29-12/0335th Troy Buchanan Invitational
12/02-12/04Sophie Cunningham Classic
12/02-12/10Southern Illinois Classic Shootout Series
12/05-12/0925th Herculaneum Black and Red Classic
12/05-12/1098th Monroe City Invitational
12/08-12/1038th Iolani Classic
12/10Fourth T. Todt Shootout
12/12-12/16Fort Zumwalt North Tournament
12/12-12/17Gibault Candy Cane Classic
12/12-12/16Orchard Farm Invitational
12/12-12/16Sullivan Holiday Classic
12/13-12/1761st Linn Holiday Tournament
12/16Norm Stewart Classic
12/17-12/20Liberty Holiday Round Robin
12/17Mineral Area Shootout
12/17-12/28Visitation Christmas Tournament
12/26-12/3067th Bob Sechrest Jr. Tournament
12/26-12/29Carlinville Holiday Tournament
12/26-12/29Don Maurer Holiday Invitational at MICDS
12/27-12/2946th Duchesne Holiday Tournament
12/27-12/29Benton Christmas Classic
12/27-12/30Christ Our Rock Winterfest
12/27-12/30Fourth Kingston/West County Tournament
12/27-12/29Mascoutah Invitational
12/27-12/29Rolla Holiday Tournament
12/27-12/29St. Dominic Tournament
12/27-12/29Summit Holiday Hoops
12/27-12/30Waterloo-Red Bud Holiday Tournament
1/02-1/0716th Chester Mid-Winter Classic
1/02-1/06Clopton Invitational
1/02-1/06John Burroughs Invitational
1/03-1/07Fourth Battle in Bourbon
1/03-1/07Lutheran South Tournament
1/05-1/07Westminster Shootout
1/07Breese Central Shootout
1/07St. Joseph's Shootout
1/09-1/1429th California Tournament
1/09-1/1443rd Union Invitational
1/09-1/13Rotating 8 Tournament
1/09-1/14South Callaway Tournament
1/09-1/13Warrenton Tournament
1/14-1/2136th Highland Tournament
1/16-1/2143rd Carbondale Mid-Winter
1/16-1/2043rd Macoupin County Tournament
1/16-1/21Vandalia Mid-Winter
1/19-1/21Fourth Bill Hanson Memorial
1/21-1/2848th Carrollton Invitational
1/21All-Girls Showcase
1/21-1/23North County Tournament
1/23-1/2723rd Hermann Invitational
1/23-1/2842nd Hillsboro Invitational
1/23-1/2798th Bowling Green Tournament
1/23-1/26Lindbergh Invitational
1/23-1/27Ninth Washington Tournament
1/26-1/28Lebanon I-44 Classic
1/30-2/04Borgia Tournament
1/31-2/04Webster Winter Challenge
2/08-2/1143rd Queen of Hearts Tournament
2/11-2/16Class 1A Hardin Calhoun Regional
2/11-2/16Class 1A Metro-East Lutheran Regional
2/11-2/16Class 1A Okawville Regional
2/11-2/16Class 1A Steeleville Regional
2/11-2/16Class 2A Althoff Regional
2/11-2/16Class 2A Flora Regional
2/11-2/17Class 2A Pittsfield Regional
2/11-2/16Class 2A Sparta Regional
2/11-2/16Class 2A Wood River Regional
2/11-2/17Class 3A Highland Regional
2/11-2/16Class 3A Marion Regional
2/13-2/16Class 3A Mascoutah Regional
2/14-2/16Class 4A Alton Regional
2/14-2/16Class 4A Belleville East Regional
2/21-2/25Class 1 District 2 at Lesterville
2/21-2/23Class 1A Jacksonville Routt Sectional
2/21-2/25Class 2 District 4 at Crystal City
2/21-2/25Class 2 District 5 at Sturgeon
2/21-2/23Class 2A Du Quoin Sectional
2/21-2/23Class 2A Pana Sectional
2/21-2/23Class 2A Pleasant Plains Sectional
2/21-2/25Class 3 District 3 at West County
2/21-2/25Class 3 District 4 at Hancock
2/21-2/25Class 3 District 5 at Duchesne
2/21-2/25Class 3 District 7 at South Callaway
2/21-2/23Class 3A Centralia Sectional
2/21-2/23Class 4A O'Fallon Sectional
2/27-2/28Class 1A Brown County Super-Sectional
2/27Class 2A Salem Super-Sectional
2/27Class 3A Taylorville Super-Sectional
2/27Class 4A Illinois Wesleyan Super-Sectional
2/28-3/04Class 4 District 1 at Dexter
2/28-3/04Class 4 District 10 at Blair Oaks
2/28-3/04Class 4 District 2 at Ste. Genevieve
2/28-3/04Class 4 District 3 at St. James
2/28-3/04Class 4 District 4 at Lift for Life
2/28-3/04Class 4 District 5 at Cardinal Ritter
2/28-3/04Class 4 District 6 at MICDS
2/28-3/04Class 4 District 7 at Orchard Farm
2/28-3/11Missouri Class 2 State Tournament
2/28-3/11Missouri Class 3 State Tournament
3/02-3/07Class 5 District 1 at Farmington
3/02-3/07Class 5 District 2
3/02-3/07Class 5 District 3
3/02-3/07Class 5 District 4 at Fort Zumwalt South
3/02-3/07Class 5 District 5 at Washington
3/02-3/07Class 6 District 1 at Fox
3/02-3/07Class 6 District 2 at Eureka
3/02-3/07Class 6 District 3 at Hazelwood West
3/02-3/07Class 6 District 4 at Francis Howell
3/02-3/03Illinois Class 1A State Tournament
3/03-3/04Illinois Class 2A State Tournament
3/03-3/04Illinois Class 4A State Tournament
3/07-3/17Missouri Class 4 State Tournament
3/11-3/18Missouri Class 5 State Tournament
3/11-3/18Missouri Class 6 State Tournament