Lutheran St. Charles Cougars
5100 Mexico Road
St. Peters, MO 63376
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Lowest 18-Hole Score - League
1Audrey Rischer, ToltonWoods Fort Golf Club68-410-09
2Kate Ryan, ToltonThe Golf Club Of Wentzville69-109-21
3Annabelle Bush, St. DominicThe Golf Club Of Wentzville70009-21
4Isabella Daniel, St. DominicGolf Club of Wentzville78+610-06
5Lily Seydel, St. DominicGolf Club of Wentzville79+710-06
6Heidi Fessler, Villa DuchesneGolf Club of Wentzville81+910-06
7Sophia Bedzek, St. DominicGolf Club of Wentzville88+1610-06
8Caitlyn Kennedy, St. DominicGolf Club of Wentzville92+2010-06
9Catherine Fallis, ToltonWoods Fort Golf Club94+2210-09
10Savanna Hazelrigg, ToltonWoods Fort Golf Club107+3510-09
11Addison Wheeler, ToltonWoods Fort Golf Club127+5510-09

Lowest 9-Hole Score - League
1Addison McGahan, Cor JesuLandings37+109-25
1Paige Dolrenry, Cor JesuMissouri Bluffs37+209-06
2Eloise Riley, Cor JesuLandings at Spirit 39+308-30
3Heidi Fessler, Villa DuchesneForest Hills33+409-18
4Nora Cooke, Cor JesuLandings41+509-19