101 North Warson Road
St. Louis, MO 63124-1398

Lowest 18-Hole Score
1Morgan WithingtonGolf Club of Wentzville70-210-06
1Morgan WithingtonThe Golf Club Of Wentzville70009-21
2Mac FroedgeGolf Club of Wentzville79+710-06

Lowest 9-Hole Score
1Morgan Withington37+209-13
2Mac FroedgeLandings at Spirit 39+308-30
3Morgan Withington38+310-03
4Morgan Withington40+408-30
5Morgan Withington41+509-05
5Mac Froedge41+610-03
5Mac Froedge41+609-13
6Mac Froedge43+709-05
7Lilly Loeb46+1110-03
8Lilly Loeb48+1309-13
9Julie Qian49+1308-30
9Julie Qian49+1409-13
10Julie Qian52+1609-05
10Julie Qian52+1710-03
11Zoie Tolson54+1910-03
12Lilly Loeb55+1909-05
13Kelly Zhao54+1909-13
14Zoie Tolson57+2108-30
15Zoie Tolson58+2209-05
15Lilly Loeb58+2208-30
16Kelly Zhao59+2410-03
16Zoie Tolson59+2409-13